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  • Why do we love the RinseKit so much?!

    8th Nov 2019 by

    If you’ve been on the internet over the past few weeks, you’ll have heard us give so much praise to this amazing product. Honestly, it’s wonderful.But there’s a question we get asked about this product pretty much every day.. “How does it work?” “How long does the battery last?” (Spoiler.. there isn’t one!) “Can I… Read more

  • The BEST free things to do in Worcestershire this Winter!

    8th Nov 2019 by

    Everybody is feeling jolly. All anyone has said in the last 24 hours is “I cant believe that it’s November already?!” – how melancholy. It can only mean one thing – Winter. You clicked the post, so I won’t faff about too much with catchy introductions.. Here’s some fun, and free* things to do here… Read more

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